Mauveine Tide

Oil paint, double glazing units, wood, UV foil. 2019

An inverted aquarium invites you to step inside an underwater landscape tableau  exploring the tension between Romantic and Naturalist visions of nature. An imagined dreamscape, painted directly onto glass, of a young woman during her transition from couturier to Naturlist. “Mauveine Tide” refers to rotting sea snails being replaced by the first synthetic dye, resulting in the mid 19th c purple-craze in fashion. 

Power Cage, STATE Studio, Berlin

22.11. – 07.12.19 

The invention of the aquarium by the Naturalist Jeanne Villepreux-Power in 1832 brought the sea into the living rooms of the bourgeoisie and made the previously mysterious and uncanny underwater worlds observable. For the interdisciplinary exhibition POWER CAGE, artists were inspired by this groundbreaking invention and channeled Jeanne Villepreux-Power’s Œvre into their work.
– curated by Büro Rix