Leaked Prints

Watercolor monoprints with embossing
Paper: 71 x 49.8 cm, Image: ~ 62.5 x 36 cm
Venice, Italy. 2016 

Headlines announcing leaked albums, data, papers, etc… ask us to imagine content as contained liquid vulnerable to leaks, spills and breaches. Such leaks are therefore inevitable, as no system is fully resistant to the insidiousness of a constant trickle or a changing tide. Rigidity is subject to corrosion and solid forms are unstable in this fluid circumstance.

“Leaked Prints” reveals a process that embraces chance within an entropic system. Contrary to the traditional aim of printmaking to produce multiples, these monotypes cannot be duplicated. Traces of linear forms swim through a murky watercolor architecture, whose geometric forms are embossed and degraded through a process that cannot be reversed.